About Me? Well…

This is never an easy question to answer. Nonetheless, I will write with truth, honor and perseverance…or something like that. I’m a teacher/student/millennial/lover of slashes. I’m hoping to use this blog to write about two things that have gained my interest significantly: health and travel.

I love talking about health, particularly the holistic and more natural ways of caring for ourselves. I want to understand how our minds, bodies and spirits connect in our everyday lives. But in a more practical, less ethereal way, of course. I’m also a lover of travel and everything that comes with it, even the part where you have to drag your luggage around. I love both of these subjects so much that I am making health my career focus (as a health psychologist) and I want to make travel my lifestyle. This is my journey to merge my two loves. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ll enjoy writing about it.


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