Hello World!

Hey there! This is going to be my introduction blog, as you can probably tell from the post. First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking the time out to read my blog. This is new and uncharted territory for me so I’m very excited to embark on this venture.

First thing’s first, I’ll write a little bit about myself. I’m from Los Angeles, born and raised. I went to San Francisco State University where I got my Bachelor’s in Psychology, Spanish and Minored in Political Science. Go Gators! I did not realize I was over-doing it with my studies until I noticed people’s reactions. Oops. Once I graduated I worked in the mental health field for about a year and a half. That was such a rewarding and loving experience. But since I only had a Bachelors, I got paid little to nothing. Something I’m sure other psych undergrad students can attest to.

I also studied abroad in Spain for a year. During which I traveled extensively (Spain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Ghana). This is how I got my incurable travel bug. There were a few cities I’ve been to multiple times because I just loved them so much. It has been four years since I moved to Spain I still want nothing more than to explore the world and learn all it has to offer.

Which now brings me to my current status in life. Now, I am living in Ulsan, South Korea and I am working as an EFL teacher with UMOE (Ulsan Metropolitan Office Of Education). There are plenty of reasons why I chose this path. The first one is, as stated earlier, I love traveling.However, there are more reasons that have brought me here to this wonderful and distant country. Money, freedom, self-sufficiency, finding one-self, gaining experience, building and propelling a career and anything else that I might find. It was only natural that I came here.

What I hope to do with this blog is to, in some ways, document my time and experiences here in Korea. One thing that I do regret about living in Spain is that I did not write down my thoughts or feelings about my life in these different places. Although I have photos, they do not tell the whole story of my time traveling, meeting new people and the invaluable lessons that I gained along the way. So, I’ll be posting my thoughts, ideas and anything else that relates to my travels and daily life here in Korea. Every now and then, I’ll also put up some blog posts about my experiences studying abroad in Spain for a year. Finally, since I am a woman of color, there will be multiple posts about what it is like to be a female living abroad and what it is like to be an African American living abroad.

I hope to use this blog as a stage to first process the knowledge that I gained here in Korea and simultaneously pass that knowledge along to the masses that care to know. Hopefully, you can find my triumphs and mistakes entertaining. And yes, there will be plenty of mistakes. Some of my experiences will be good and some not so good.  And since I am not a journalist, I will be giving my personal opinions and feelings on these matters. Right or wrong, they are based on my personal understanding of my experiences. Figured I should just  put that one out there.

So in advance I’d like to say, thank you for reading this blog and I hope you can gain something from it. I know I will. See you in the next post.

P.S. I’ll be putting up pictures of me in Korea and in other places in the world.


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